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Furniture for many successful seasons ahead!

Enchant your guests with elegant style and impeccable quality. Explore the CONTRACT line of GARDA outdoor furniture, offering the most modern solutions for comfort and functionality. Enjoy in innovative design that ensures delightful outdoor experience.

+ About collection

+ CONTRACT Furniture Line

Tailored for the HoReCa sector, the CONTRACT Collection is crafted for equipping gardens, terraces, and outdoor spaces of hotels, restaurants, bars, pool areas, SPA centres, picnic spots, parks, or any other area intended for outdoor enjoyment. The Contract collection contains all the features of the refined design and top quality of the premium brand GARDA in a reduced and refined version, with the aim of affordability and the production of more items in a shorter period. This collection emphasizes affordability and streamlined production without compromising on excellence.

The line includes an array of furniture such as chairs, tables, lounge chairs, club tables, armchairs, sofas, bar tables, and chairs. Additionally, decorative elements like planters and pots complement the collection, elevating the aesthetic of your outdoor spaces. Choose the CONTRACT Collection for a perfect blend of style, functionality, and durability, ensuring your outdoor areas remain inviting and stylish for countless seasons to come.

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+ Cutting-edge Solutions

Our models embody a minimalist design dedicated to versatility and functionality. Metal, as the primary material, ensures strength and durability, while their ergonomic shape adds an elegant curve, making them appealing and comfortable. This not only enhances the aesthetics but also creates a pleasant and relaxing ambiance in any space.

Comfort, functionality, and innovative design, along with the exceptional durability of materials and quick delivery times, are the features that set us apart in the market. They make outdoor space furnishing simple and accessible.

"Custom-made" service

We meet your demands and support the realization of even the most challenging projects! As a special convenience, we offer you the opportunity for custom design and production of outdoor furniture according to your preferences and needs. Additionally, we provide assistance in crafting the final look of outdoor spaces with the help of 3D models.

Service Center

After the purchase, our client care doesn’t end. Following intensive use throughout the season, we can refresh the furniture by replacing parts, performing repairs, making a complete change, or revitalizing the existing color of the structure or altering the fabric pattern.


Durability and longevity warranty


Anti-rust protection. Euro test in a salt chamber: 750 hours or 5 years of corrosion protection in extreme weather conditions.


- 100% waterproof
- Washable, quick-drying
- UV resistant
- Endurance 60,000 Martindale


- Quick-drying
- Durable and lightweight
- UV resistant


Rust-resistant plastic plugs for metal pipes with replaceable inserts for the roughest types of surfaces.

+ Colors

The Contract collection is available in 4 specially developed neutral colors, favored by interior designers for their easy adaptability, while other colors are available upon request.

Choose from our range of items for your terrace, restaurant garden, or bar.