+ Reference

Bistro de Balzac

Lazarevac, Serbia

+ Assignment

Bistro de Balzac, located in the centre of Lazarevac, offers guests a relaxing break from everyday routines. For this type of cafe, in which guests of different generations change quickly, it was necessary to provide furniture with a modern and attractive design, simultaneously distinguishing this bistro in a league of its own within the local landscape. To evoke an urban oasis’s ambience and cater to this vibrant locale’s demands, it became essential to opt for furniture that seamlessly combines superior comfort with ease of placement, mobility, and maintenance.

+ Solution

Our leading ATAMAN collection has served as the cornerstone for crafting an engaging scenography, perfect for delightful conversations over a sip of coffee or one’s favourite beverage. Mesh garden tables, in various dimensions, play the role of protagonists that define the ambience. Accompanying these tables are the indispensable Mesh garden chairs, seamlessly integrated to enhance the overall experience.

Chairs from the Capu and Nuvoletta collections add an element of unpredictability and exotic flair to the atmosphere. These unique pieces contribute to the eclectic charm of the space, creating a captivating contrast. Meanwhile, the iconic GARDA Rockin’ rocking chair injects a playful and unconventional vibe into the environment.

Bistro de Balzac truly showcases our product range in this charming locale, nestled in the picturesque Šumadija region. Here, our diverse collections come together to create a harmonious blend of style and functionality, making this bistro a captivating destination.

+ Let's go for coffee!

Indulging in a cup of coffee with friends on comfortable Garda furniture in a tucked-away garden in the city centre will give you a much-needed break from daily responsibilities.