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Pavilion, Hotel & Social Club

Beograd, Serbia

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Under the auspices of the walls of an old pre-war villa in the charming upper Dorćol neighbourhood at the heart of Belgrade, the Hotel Pavilion hides a serene oasis exuding both peace and elegance. In a short time, the Pavilion has become a beloved hotspot among the trendsetting Belgrade inhabitants and those seeking to immerse themselves in the vibrant pulse of the city’s social scene. The GARDA team was honoured to furnish the atrium space with its exquisite furniture, an introduction to the luxury restaurant and social club.

+ Solution

At Pavilion, everything is about the sophisticated, elegant style inseparable from comfort and functionality in this luxurious facility. Within the atrium space, our Totem chairs take centre stage, symbolizing the significance of communal gatherings. To tailor these chairs to the client’s unique specifications, our adept design and engineering team replaced the conventional legs with sledges, a thoughtful adaptation for the stone flooring in the atrium. The interior of this prestigious edifice stands as a testament to the universal appeal of GARDA products. Thanks to their minimalist and functional design, these pieces effortlessly integrate into both the interior and exterior aesthetics, further enhancing the overall allure of the space.

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Book your spot in advance to enjoy your favorite drink and exquisite food, seated in stylish Garda chairs, feeling the pulse of Belgrade at its best.